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English Name Latin Name Specification Test Method Active Ingredients Mark
Blackberry extract Rubus fruticosus Anthocyanidins UV-VIS Anthocyanidins
Black Walnut Hull Extract Juglans nigra L. 10 to 1 HPTLC Proanthocyanidins
Black Pepper Extract piper nigrum l 10 to 1 HPTLC Piperine
Black currant Extract Ribes nigrum L Anthocyanidins UV-VIS Anthocyanidins
Bitter Melon Extract Momordica charantia 10 to 1 HPTLC Charantin
Bilberry Extract Vaccinium Myrtillus L Anthocyanidins UV-VIS Anthocyanidins
Beet Root Extract Beta vulgaris L. Betanin HPTLC Food / Beverage
Baobab Fruit Extract Adansonia digitata 10 to 1 HPTLC Vitamins A and C
Arugula Extract Eruca sativa 10 to 1 HPTLC Flavonoids, Glucosinolate
Artichoke Extract Cynara scolymus L. 2% Cynarins HPLC Cynarin & chlorogenic acid

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